United with Cambodia

Solidarity, Assistance, and Unity Create Expectations (SAUCE) is an NGO created in 2001 by a group of friends and family members of Kike to channel our desire to encourage, support and assist in his responsibility in Battambang in favor of the needy. We support the efforts that Kike directs to attend to the Cambodians, after they have suffered a terrifying genocide, which killed two million people, and about thirty years of wars across the country that plunged it into misery.

At SAUCE, inspired by Kike’s example, we believe that it is each one’s duty to act with compassion, charity and solidarity; that we have a responsibility to think and care about those who suffer and that, with help and joy, united among all, we can build a better world and make the life of the Cambodian people a little better. In 2003 it obtained   the distinction of “Public Utility Association”.


Our focus is the poor, the one who suffers and everyone who is vulnerable to society. That is why our projects are dedicated to supporting the most unfortunate: people with disabilities, the poor, children and the excluded. Guaranteeing them a minimally dignified life, promoting their education and training, assuring them access to proper health care and promoting their initiative and independence are the priorities of our action.

Work together to provide opportunities for others; attend to the most unfortunate and offer them hope; place others among the personal priorities of each one, making solidarity a guide for life; build bridges between different worlds and cultures, with the aim that everyone can confront a more dignified and promising future: this is the mission of the NGO SAUCE, dedicated to supporting the work of Monsignor Kike Figaredo in Cambodia.

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